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Human Nature/Family of Blood Behind the Scenes

From Jason Arnopp’s Human Nature article (DWM #383)

     David Tennant is consuming all of the drugs he can lay his hands on.  Not in a tabloid-pleasing way, mind.  “Day Nurse, First Defence, you name it,” he says, walking across the Museum’s grounds towards the Villiage Hall.  He’s copped a dose of the flu, yet is still working hard.  “I don’t sound as bad as I feel,” he grimaces.  “Which is great for the show, but crap in terms of sympathy!”     Maybe the Doctor’s alter ego John Smith has a cold?
     “Yeah,” says David, sounding unsure.  “Well, it was the Doctor who had a cold yesterday…”
     DWM decides to leave poor David alone for the two days we have on-set.   That’s just the kind of people we are.”
     It’s the morning of 9 January at Upper Boat Studios, and David still has a cough which makes his knees buckle.  Between takes at Wainwright’s cottage, he slips out of the John Smith persona, sits down and closes his eyes.  It’s a far cry from his usual energised joking around, chatting to young set-visitors and signing autographs.  Just as Human Nature is about feeling the Doctor’s absence, there’s clearly an absence of David felt on-set.  Vitally though, each and every cry of “Action!” brings John Smith to life, pitch and word-perfect.  Talk about professional.

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